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No Matter The Memory

It Should ALWAYS Look It's Best

Hello ! My name's Daniel, and im an Independent, Self Motivated Photographer out of the Kennesaw Georgia Area. Im 23 and looking to fulfil all of your photography needs. Whether it be family or business, im your photographer !

Photography Packages anyone can afford is what im aiming for. Not every event calls for the most Professional & Experienced Photographer.

Im not the highest paid, most professional or experienced, but I am just as dedicated to Customer Satisfaction.

At prices far from Costly and well below the competition, you'll always get your money's worth, along with beautiful memories saved.

SPECIALS & PROMOTIONS - Besides the always low prices and affordable packages, when you buy 1 hour of Unlimited Pictures, Poses and Locations for $60.00, you'll have the option to as many additional hours for $30.00 each !

And now, Refer A Friend and get yourself a FREE HOUR of photos ! And during any of our sessions, feel free to include any and all of your friends, family and/or pets along with you !

PRODUCTS & SERVICES - Aside from your typical Glossy and Matte prints, i offer just about everything else a Glamour Shots Studio would and possibly more!

From Canvas, Gallery Wraps, Wall Clings, Calendars, Playing Cards, Puzzles,
Hard Cover/Suede Cover Photo Books.. The Variety of Styles of Prints are, to say the least, 'Satisfying' !

True, my prices are low. . and it might look like there would be hidden fees and or additional costs.
Truth is, more than the money, im in this for a fun learning experience and to also give families and business owners something Valuable for an affordable price.

Everyone deserves to Cherish their memories.. but why should you have to pay so much to do so? I'd love to be the exception and make a living out of it.


"The Hourly Deal"
How it works

1We set up time/date & location

21st hour = $60 , each extra hour is $30

3Every picture taken within our time period is yours

Afterwards,, Edits are available at $0.25 per picture,
(100 edits = $25) but optional

Pictures can be printed at $0.15 per picture (4x6)
(100 pics = $15.00)


We can stick to the hours you paid for, and you'll get your pictures on a Photo-Cd (No Extra Charge)

(Printing details explained in Products & Services)

4Finally, our hours spent are totaled, edits if any, prints if any and a traveling fee depending on location. And our final exchange is made !

Now Imagine how many pictures can be taken in just 1 hour alone .. 


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