Northern Lights Sweet Mystics Spirit Pack

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Channel: #soulwolves
Out of Character: #MysticSoul

Northern Light Sweet Mystics
Seneca, Delta NLSM & Aurora


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Common Questions:

 Q: Do I have to become a member of the NLSM to role-play within their territory?
A: No. You do not have to become a member of our pack, however you do have to obey our pack's ways, our Alphas, Betas, and others within our clearing who out rank you.
 Q: Are there other packs located on the same server as the NLSM?
A: Yes, there are multiple packs located on the SorceryNet server.
Q: What is the process of becoming a member of the NLSM?
A: First, visit our pack, and others, to make sure you are truly at home here in the Timber Myst clearing. Then ask the Alphas to become a Assessment-In-Waiting of the NLSM pack. After a period of time decided by the Alphas, and the pack, you will be moved to Full-Assessment, if this is still your wish. Again, after a period of time, if the Alphas and Pack see fit, and it is still your wish, you will be named a packmember of the NLSM pack.
Q: I don't have much time to roleplay / I live in a different time zone / I'm still in school can I still become a member of your pack?
A: Yes! We have people who roleplay once or twice a week, members that live in different time zones, even different countries, and also we have students in High School, and in College. If you need to take a leave from the pack, we can arrange it as needed.
Greetings and Welcome,
Bring out your wolven spirit.
The Northern Lights Sweet Mystics pack is a natural spirit role-play pack.
Our pack is located in the Riding Moutain National Park in Canada.


To find the Sweet Mystics on IRC:
Ports: 6668-7000
Channel: #soulwolves

The following will explain about the meaning of being in our pack, and the ways of our pack. After making yourself familiar with our site, feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.
Within the Northern Lights Sweet Mystics, or NLSM for short, we are not just "role-players." We feel the wolven spirit within us.

Though all wolves hold their own personalities and express their differences, members are all expected to be 100% devoted to the NLSM Pack. Loyalty, trust, caring and a desire and effort to stay a member are all traits of an NLSM member.
Requesting to join our pack requires much loyalty, understanding, and a desire to find a true home and family. To be a Northern Light Sweet Mystic requires the need and desire to stay as a packmember, which brings on commitment. If you are family here, you want to be with us. Being a member is not a chore, it is a desire. All members need to put forth the effort to support our pack in order for it to survive and grow strong. The role of a Sweet Mystic should not have to be enforced.
"Loyalty Above All Else"
Elder Northern Light Sweet Mystic,
Founding Alpha, Sweet Mystic

Pack Announcements

 -- A new Forum was created for the pack. Please be sure to register to have access to meeting and lore night logs, meeting and lore night announcements, and a lot of other information!
  -- Congradulations to our new pack Sentinel: Raelyn!
  -- Congradulations to our newest Assessments: Aurora (pup of Fallen and Seneca) and Raven (pup of Stardust and _Lobo)
  -- Congradulations to our newest mated pair: Raelyn and Firen!
*** A log of the meeting will be posted on the forum boards soon! ***


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