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Free Tips:

Disinfecting House Spray

Here is a great smelling all natural disinfecting spray for you to try.

2 oz. Purified Water
1 tsp. Witch Hazel
10 drops of any one of the following: tee tree oil, eucalyptus oil, lemon oil, lavender oil

Combine all in a spray bottle and spray throughout your home several times a day. 

Lisa's House Cleaning Services

I will make your house shine!

At Lisa's House Cleaning Services we believe in quality, not quantity. We know with your busy schedule it is sometimes impossible to find the time to take care of the seemingly mundane things in life. That's why we would like to offer our services to you. When you no longer have to worry about the simple task of cleaning your house, you will have more time for more important matters. Matters like business, spending time with your family, and just spending more time in leisure.

We will clean your house on a regualarly scheduled basis or we can clean your house for important parties, business meetings, and other special occasions.

We are experienced in cleaning your house to your specifications and are capable of cleaning anything from the simplest of houses to the finest of antiques. We will make you house shine!


Contact us on our contact page and we will be glad to set an appointment that will accomidate your busy schedule.


Homemade Potpourri:

Make your own potpourri by combining:

1 whole lemon peel
1 sprig rosemary
1 T. whole cloves
1 T. cardamom pods

Cover tightly to store scent. When uncovered, stir contents to release scent.



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