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  About Us


Our business model is simplicity itself. We assist both Sellers and Buyers with receiving CASH AT CLOSING.

The mission statement of my company is to "use my expertise in the current market to create  spendable CASH at closing for both the Seller and the Buyer. We are the only company in this area that has the abilty to convert Real Estate into different forms of CASH AT CLOSING. We provide selling options to homeowners that are frustrated with the current Real Estate Market. We do not play the Buyer against the Seller as in most real estate transactions. We have the best interest of both parties in mind and as such we have the ability to help Sellers and Real Estate Agents  attract Buyers for their property very quickly. We know how to attract Motivated Buyers and give them  compelling reasons to purchase your property and not your neighbors. We also show Sellers how to make a profit when doing a Short Sale on their house.
As a CASH ON CLOSE COACH, I can give my clients the best of both  worlds of Real Estate and Finance.  Simply put, I help Sellers sell quickly and I give Buyers a valid reason to purchase the homes of the Sellers that I deal with exclusively.
I offer the Seller solutions to the current market conditions while simultaneously giving the Buyer opportunities that are unheard of today.
I am not a Realtor although I do work with and know some great ones. I am not trying to buy or sell your property. I do not have a course or E book that I want you to buy.
My purpose is twofold. I want to help homeowners, especially those who have had their home listed for a long time, sell quickly and for a good price. I can help you even if you are working with a Realtor.
I also want to assist Buyers with generating Immediate Cash Flow when they purchase the properties of the homeowners that I deal with.
The Real Estate market has changed. If you want to compete with others in it , you have to have a NEW game plan. Doing the same old thing will give you the same old results. Nothing.  Homes will not sell themselves. Buyers need and want a reason to buy your house. Just putting your house on the MLS is not enough.....Anymore.....I will show you how to separate your house from  the other houses in the neighborhood and give your Buyers a Great reason to purchase your house.


Focusing on the current market..


Learning my clients needs...


 We are Winners!              




My name is Michael Knight and I am a real estate investor. I also own Colbert/Ball Tax Service. If you go to the IRS website:

http://www.irs.gov/efile/page/0,,id=10162,00.html. Put in zip code 20772 and you will see me there. You can also go to www.ColbertBalltax.com. Go to locations, choose Maryland and again you will see me there. Pick up the phone and call me. Unlike other companies, I do answer my phone.

I say this not to impress you but to impress upon you that I am  a real person with a legitimate  business.

My job is to show both Sellers and Buyers how to make the most out of this current market. I deal with Sellers and Buyers all the time in my tax business. I just comes  natural to me.

So if you are a Seller and you want to sell quickly, you  have come to the right website. If you are Buyer looking to GENERATE SPENDABLE CASH when you purchase your dream house , I encourage you to read through the site.





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