The Shopping Cart

The other aspect relating to the value of a web page to a retail sector business, small or large is the shopping cart. For these businesses customers can, not only research your business, they can complete the whole customer experience through the click of a button. So your store could be working hard in the shopping mall or in a back street of a suburb somewhere, but in the background your website is driving even more footfall and translating internet hits into dollar signs. It is easy for you once the mechanics are designed and tested; there are minimal overheads other than postage costs, which can usually be passed directly to the customer; a greater profit margin on products can be enjoyed due to the savings in overheads; and your market suddenly becomes limitless, not constrained by geographical boundaries, just by courier company coverage!

It really may seem to you that your business is not yet ready for a web site. Maybe you think you can’t afford it just now, or you don’t have the time to think about it too much, but it is on your list of things to do. In reality your business cannot afford to not have one.

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