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From large corporate entities to small sole traders, business owners have a shared problem: they need a way in which to promote what they do. In these days of extreme competition, customer choice has never been greater and the job of business marketing and winning their business is an exciting challenge. In many ways, the Internet has opened up a wealth of opportunity.

For example just by using Google AdWords to pin point your business address and business type you can reach anyone who happens to search in that zip code for your type of services or products accordingly. A business listing alone is not always all that enticing though, the ‘sexy’ part of your marketing campaign comes with the business internet pages you create to represent your organization, and it can be the definitive point of difference between you and a competitor.

For example if a prospective customer looking for business accounts has two businesses to choose between; one with a web site and one without, they are likely go with the one which has one.

The fact that they conducted a Google search in the first place shows they have access to and trust in the Internet. Even a simple, basic functionality page can look amazing with the right graphics and wordings. The customer can get a head start on what it is that your business can do for them, if it suits their needs, and information on how to contact you for further information.

The customer may also make on some level, a psychological contract with a prospective business, when comparing websites. Take for example a wedding boutique, the bride to be researching on the internet comes across the ideally located wedding dress store, providing her with a broad range of dress designers, bridesmaid dresses, and accessories; it has an amazing web page with beautiful photography and links to other useful websites and she is, frankly sold.

She may find it very hard to change her mind and will want to get to that store of her dreams and find the dress of her dreams. Of course the store staff have to be able to translate that passion and energy into a sale and that is something the internet cannot do for you.

For reasonable costs you can buy a domain name and by using a web design agency create an amazing, professional and on the money page to represent your business. There are no printing costs, and no need for the laborious task of walking around the streets of your neighborhood delivering leaflets. There is also no need for negotiating painful deals with local newspapers for advertising space: the advert literally hits a global audience as soon as the live button is clicked.

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