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Some Free Ways to Promote Your Website

Increase Your Search Engine Visibility
Meta tags provide information about your Web page to search engine robots so that the search engine can better understand what your website is about. Meta tags provide this information in a format that the web crawlers/spiders that visit your website can understand. Insert keywords and description in your website that describe your business. Repeat these keywords in the text of your Web site's homepage. Strategic use of keywords can put your business name at the top of customers' search results.

Add your URL on your advertising projects
Maximize your advertising efforts by listing your website address on your advertising projects, including letterhead, business cards, phone books, brochures, flyers, email signatures and direct mail pieces. Print the URL on the front of your building or the door to your office suite

Submit your site to directories, specialty listings, industry organizations, and Yellow Pages
It doesn’t matter what industry your business is in, there are online directories that you should register with. Many business and industry associations allow you to list your business on their website. Use search engines to find them, and then create a link for your website.

Link Exchanges
This is one of the most important ways to rank well for keywords and bring traffic to your website. It is important to exchange links or get one-way links from relevant sites. The best way to do this is to manually search for websites and blogs related to your website and contact them for a link exchange.

Make coupons available on your website and email them to your customers. Encourage them to give the coupons to friends and family.

Free classified ads
Classifieds are a common way to easily make posts for free, and reach large amounts of people. Use services like Yahoo! Classifieds to post free ads for your products and services.

This is another good way to get backlinks and traffic, but you need to contribute to the forums and not just spam them with your links. Become an active member of forums that are related to your site, including your website link in your forum signature. By making intelligent and informative posts, you encourage people to check out the link in your signature. The best way to do this is to manually search for forums related to your site and then sign up to start posting.

Social Bookmarking Sites
Social bookmarking sites can be an amazing way to promote your website. What a lot of people will do is write a killer article and then submit it to the social bookmarking sites to drive traffic to that article, hoping it will get bookmarked a lot.

Pay per Click Advertising (PPC)
PPC advertising takes a lot of studying to do right, and can cost a decent amount of money, but if your site is well designed and converts well, or you are just looking for traffic, it can be a very powerful marketing tool when done right.

Banner advertising
The most popular form of advertising on the Internet is currently banner advertising. A banner could be a graphic image or link on a page of website. Banners commonly advertise a product, service, or just another website. Some sites donít let you create animated banners, but if you have a very eye caching static banner on a good site it can get you traffic.
The best way to do this is to manually search for websites and blogs related to your website and contact them for a banner exchange.

Print Advertising
Print advertising can be very useful when advertising in a specific location.
Some print advertising:
Newspaper Ads
Magazine Ads
Yellow Pages Ads
Stationery Packaging
Business Cards



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