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Frequently Asked Questions

General Question


Technical Question

How do I access technical support?

What skills are required to build a website with

What is the estimated time to build a website with your service?

How do I start building my website?

Once the initial website is created, can I modify it?

Can I modify my page once it has been created?

Can I use my own images and logo?

How many images can I upload?

How can I make my photo gallery invisible?

Can I enter HTML on my website?

What are my browser requirements?

Can I change my website images?

How do I change the main picture on my website?

As a free member I downloaded only 1 picture. I don't know how get the other 5 pictures.

Is there a limit to how many web pages I can have?

Is it possible to hide the pages?

How do I login to the control panel of my website?

Can visitors access my website toolbar and editing buttons?

How do I list my website with major search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN)?

How do I add/edit Meta Tags?

Do I need to back up my data?

Do you provide an option to have a credit card payment system so my customers can pay on my site?

How can I add the Paypal button to my website?

I inserted text on an individual page from another website. The design on my page is incorrect. What can I do, when I do not want it to happen next time?

Can I edit text, or change the size of the font and color used in my website?

How easy is it to edit the site?

How can I see the number of visitors to my website?

Can I start selling as soon as I get my website?

What are the transaction fees when I make a sale?




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